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Love affair with Jazz

“after listening to Billie Holiday “You've Changed,” I fell in love with jazz, I was 13 years” Anita Williams


Anita Williams' destined path to the stage began at Montfort Stage School in Cork City, where her remarkable talent shone through as she took lead roles in several captivating musicals. Graduating in acting, speech, and drama from the prestigious LAMDA (London Academy of Drama and Acting), she was well on her way to a promising career.

A pivotal moment occurred on her 13th birthday when she received a gift that would forever change her life – the Billie Holiday album, "Lady In Satin." Enthralled by the hauntingly beautiful and emotive melodies, particularly the enchanting "You've Changed," Anita was captivated by the world of Jazz.

At 18, she ventured to London to train with the esteemed Glynn Jones, renowned for coaching legendary vocalists like Annie Lennox, Shirley Bassey, and Patti La Pone. Driven by his influence, she initially set her sights on a career in Broadway but later returned to Ireland to audition at the esteemed Dublin Academy of Music under the tutelage of Veronica Dunne, a celebrated opera coach. Despite being set to attend Julliard Music Center in New York City, life took a different turn, leading her to stay in Ireland and embrace the role of a devoted mother, raising her two children.

Despite this shift, Anita's passion for music and performance persisted. She delved into the world of entertainment, becoming a fashion presenter on TV3 and an entertainment correspondent for popular radio shows hosted by Ryan Tubridy and Dave Fanning. During this time, her love affair with Jazz rekindled, prompting her to return to Dublin and pursue further studies in Jazz improvisation at the esteemed New Park School of Jazz.

In 2008, fate brought Anita together with a talented saxophonist from Baltimore, USA, leading to the formation of their band "Anita Williams & Rouge." Their performances resonated with audiences at prestigious venues such as Glucksman Gallery UCC, Opera House, Cork City, Speigle Tent, The Pavilion, and The Button Factory, to name a few.

Between 2012 and 2018, Anita embarked on an exciting chapter as she relocated to Dubai. In this vibrant city, she collaborated with gifted musicians and performed at exclusive receptions for events like the World Perfume Award at Burj Khalifa, The Middle East Fashion Award, and The World Diamond Exchange at Palm Jumeirah. While Anita currently resides in Dubai, her magnetic performances continue to draw international acclaim, with invitations pouring in from around the world.


Passionate about advocating for Jazz, Anita took the initiative to pioneer Sunset and Breakfast Jazz events in Dubai, creating opportunities to bring the captivating music closer to people's hearts. Her dedication to the art form and her extraordinary talent have made her a beacon in the Jazz community, leaving a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

After embarking on a thrilling journey, performing across Singapore and Europe, Anita's passion for the stage led her to discover the enchanting Theatre Underwood Art Factory in Phuket, Thailand during the challenging times of COVID. Here, she found her artistic home and became a celebrated regular performer.

A remarkable opportunity presented itself when Anita was invited to headline Phuket's long-awaited Jazz and Blues Festival, the first event after the pandemic. Her mesmerizing performances caught the attention of UNESCO, and she had the privilege of entertaining the prestigious organization in Phuket.

Anita's artistic journey continues to flourish as she collaborates with a group of exceptionally talented musicians, creating soulful and unforgettable music. Currently, she is planning her much-anticipated return to Dubai, where she aims to complete her highly-anticipated album, promising her fans a musical experience like no other.


17 Dec 2022

The Queen of Jazz concert. Anita Williams in Phuket. "Somewhere over the Rainbow"

At the beautiful settings of KEP Phuket with views of the Andaman sea.

4 Dec 22

Jazz & Blues Music Festival Phuket 2022.

Headline Jazz artist Anita Williams at the famous Three Monkeys Phuket.

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